The other day in class, we watched a video on students going to college and getting an education. Are they really getting the quality education that society tells them they will get when they go to college? It is so easy nowadays to go to college and just breeze your way through without any problems. Students are doing less quality work but they are getting higher grades than they have gotten in the past. Why is that? Well professors are pressured to pass students because if they don’t then their job could be in danger. Students work has been poor that used to get a C or maybe a D is now getting a B or maybe even an A. Students even know that professors will give them a good grade on an assignment whether they put maximum effort in it or not. Honestly, why blame us students? If someone tells you that no matter how much time and effort you put into something that you are just going to get the same result, why bother to go the extra mile? I personally think students aren’t as lazy as people think, even though I just made a statement that made them seem lazy. I think students want to be challenged and they wanna learn. Why would they have made the choice to go to college when they could have gone straight into work? They want to challenge themselves so they can be ready for the future that awaits them. A lot of students get to college and they don’t feel like they are challenged enough. It is hard to change the habit of just doing enough. We must establish challenges early in a student’s college career. We need to change the mindset of both professors and students.


Here is a link that you can go to see what professors are saying about their students:



Invisible Man

I have chosen to write my blog about the banned book “Invisible Man” that we discussed in class. This book has been recently banned due to some of its mature language and visual description. The book was written by Ralph Ellison and was published back in 1952. It discusses how Americans treated the African American community during that time. We read only a short passage from the novel. Yes it was very descriptive of a blonde female who was nude and acting very seductively. Yes it also uses vulgar language in the passage we read and in reviews that I have read, vulgar and descriptive language is used throughout. This book was banned by Randolph County Board of Education one week before National Banned Book week where students are encouraged to read banned novels. The Randolph County Board of Education went under extreme fire from the media for banning this book. I believe this book should be banned but not from any of the high schools. i believe that high school students should be exposed to this because it describes the real details of how it was like back then. Students need to know the truth of our history no matter how good or bad it may be. The ban was lifted though mainly because of the negative media attention.

Here is a link to more about “Invisible Man” and what others think of the novel: 


“How to Write a Sentence”

How to Write a Sentence is a book about the structure and fundamentals of creating a proper sentence. Most of my fellow classmates in my English 131 class found this book to be kind of boring and not as helpful as the other book we have, which is Essays On Writing. I believe that How to Write a Sentence is a lot more helpful than they think. This book keeps you fundamentally sound when writing anything. We have been writing for so long that we can get lazy sometimes and not realize exactly what or how we are writing something. I rented most of my books, but after reading the summary on this book and the reviews, I ended up purchasing this book because I felt like it will keep me on track when writing papers throughout college. Yes, this book can be boring, but if you pay attention to it, it will help you fundamentally. Essays On Writing is a great book about other writings and events, don’t get me wrong, but I feel it can be difficult to comprehend sometimes. Essays On Writing can give you an idea of how to put together a great essay, but you can’t write a great essay without great sentences.